Be Present…lesson learned by Charlene Brehl

Resized_20170304_110033My next contributor suggested I describe her as my simple friend with simple thoughts-but the only thing simple about her is that she is simply extraordinary.  Charlene Brehl exemplifies what it means to be kind, loyal and good–lost arts in today’s self-centric world.  She is the kind of person who comes to a party, rolls up her sleeves and asks how she can help–and genuinely means it. When you talk with her she is focused on the conversation and not scanning the room for the next, more interesting person.  She has the ability to be truly self-reflective which shows character and courage and I admire her for that.  But make no mistake–she loves to have fun and laughs easily and often.  While her advice might seem simple, it is not.  Distraction provides us with excuses as to why we are not able to be comfortable with ourselves and the needs of others.  Being truly present requires being selfless which can be a very raw and vulnerable place sometimes.  Simple is complex is the most wonderful, fulfilling way and I am fortunate to have her example to follow.

When I was in my twenties, I read a book called Real Moments by Barbara DeAngelis which changed my life.   Like many people in this society, I was constantly thinking of things that I needed to do, possessions I had to get or people I should meet in order to be happy. This book taught me that the only way to achieve true happiness is to put God first, live in the moment and enjoy what is happening in the moment.

As a wife to a wonderful, hard-working husband and a mother of three–two teens and a 5 year-old– I am constantly being pulled in different directions. Staying focused in the moment can be a real challenge.  I find myself feeling tired, irritable, and less able to nurture my family which is why God put me on this earth.   But when I stop, enjoy, and focus on just what is happening at that moment, it not only benefits me physically, mentally and spiritually, it also benefits the rest of my family in the same way.

Life can get hectic and we are only here on Earth a short time so make the most of every moment and enjoy!

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