Never Stop at the First Fruit Stand…a lesson about patience from Jodie Calcagno

IMG_0416My next guest contributor is entrepreneur, designer, writer, wife, mother, and purveyor of all things fabulous, Jodie Calcagno.  To describe Jodie would be like trying to take a photo of the sunset as it sets fire to the evening sky, rope the wind, or explain to someone the taste of a perfectly ripened peach–you can get close, but never truly capture the essence.  She is a source of all things good and lovely and reeks of style and kindness.  She is curious, generous, tenacious,  and fiercely loves her family and friends. She can throw an event worthy of the cover of a magazine yet proudly considers herself a homebody.  My gratitude for our friendship is beyond measure.  Please go her to website, to read more of her perspectives on life and style and keep apprised of what is to come from the jodiemichele line.


I was barely 18 years old and holding shotgun in a wretched smelling four-door rental sedan…my dad at the wheel…the blazing Texas sun beating down on us so brilliantly the air conditioner couldn’t keep up.  We were making the three-hour journey up Highway 287 from the Dallas airport to Wichita Falls.  The scenery was lackluster…flat, dry land…only the open sky and a few armadillo.

My dad, not a man of many words, kept the conversation short.  He was tuned into his favorite political commentator on the AM dial.  As a newly liberated college student I kept rolling my eyes at each conservative statement the analyst made.

I couldn’t take it anymore!  I leaned over and forcefully turned off the radio.

In the silence I could feel the tension radiating from the amazing man sitting next to me.  He was dropping me off to college for the first time and was a bit anxious to leave his free-spirited, carefree daughter unsupervised 1200 miles from home.

I desperately needed a diversion to help soothe his nerves.  Then, as if God himself was agreeing with me, I saw a sign for a produce stand.  I asked my dad to stop.  He looked at me with kind eyes but a stern face and said  ‘You never stop at the first fruit stand.’

Whatever.  I assumed he was enjoying his last few moments of control, so I crossed my arms and sulked.  We passed another stand, then another.  I’d given up on the idea of the roadside stop when he pulled into the final fruit stand.  The harvest was amazing…much more beautiful and bountiful than the others.  We each grabbed a piece of fruit and shared the perfect father-daughter moment.

The tension was gone but he was sad…he knew he was loosing his little girl.  And he did, but his words stayed with me.  It took most of my college years and a few beers to fully understand the meaning of ‘You never stop at the first fruit stand’ but it’s really quite simple.

It means be patient.  Value the virtue of patience. 

To be honest, I find each day provides me with an infinite number of reasons to be impatient…misplaced keys, slow traffic, bad internet connection…I suppose these little occurrences help keep me in check, somehow strengthening my resolve.

But I believe the practice of patience is essential and the guardian to all other virtues.  I find patience creates a peaceful stability, a beautiful harmony; it shows mercy and leads us to love.  I suppose my dad knew exactly what he was doing.

“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.”  -Ephesians 4:2

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