Do What You Love…advice from Personal Trainer Rocky Kitzmiller

Rocky-0060 (1)My next guest contributor can be described as nothing less than a force of nature.  Passionate, kind, strong, giving–Rocky Kitzmiller is someone that you just love to know.  She is one of those people who can go to work, coach both of her daughter’s sports teams after school,  host a party that evening for the entire neighborhood where she not only cooked the food and sewed the adorable outfit she was wearing, but also went out of her way to make each guest feel welcome and included.  Rocky exemplifies someone who lives a passionate life.  She puts enthusiasm and energy into all things big and small–but those who benefit the most are her family, friends, and clients she guides through their fitness journey.  I feel incredibly fortunate to call her my friend.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a doctor.   Not for the reason that you may think (large pay checks), but because I wanted to help people be healthy.   That was something I wanted and I never swayed from it until I was getting ready to go to college.

I had my family doctor come and speak to my 11th grade English class.   He didn’t seem to really love the path nor the way of getting there.  His lack of enthusiasm left an impression on me.  It made me think…was this something I really wanted to do?  Is this something that would make me happy and fulfilled in life?   I wasn’t really sure.

I was sure that I wanted to help people.  I was also sure that I loved sports and exercise.   I came across Sport and Exercise Science degree at the local university.   I enrolled and started my journey to helping people be healthy through exercise.

I was fortunate enough in my schooling to have some really amazing teachers and professors that had a passion for the field.   They all inspired me in one way or another.   One particular teacher has always stood out to me and his advice.

I can still see him walking us around the University of Akron explaining the big changes they were planning to improve the campus.   He smiled and said that we need to do what we love in life!   Find a job that makes us happy.   He stated time and again that he loved his job.  He loved waking up every day and coming to school to teach about his passion.   It was clear as day, every single day, that he was thrilled to be doing what he was doing.

Those words resonate with me more than anything ever said to me.  Do what you love.   Find a job that makes you excited to go to work.   Who wants to go to a job each and every day that makes them miserable?   I have even had the opportunity to teach others in class that prepared them to enter the job field.  I told them that same piece of advice.   DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Sometimes our passions don’t pay the bills, but I always hope people will at least work that passion into their daily lives


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