Hard Work + Learning from Failure = Success …by Kathleen Cuce’


Last week’s advice came from someone who took action on an idea and found her purpose.  This week’s advice comes from identical twin sisters who took action on an idea and found their passion.  In 2010, Kathleen and Kristina Cuce’ went to an NFL football game and noticed that everyone was decked out in their favorite team’s gear from head to well, knee.  They spent the rest of the game brainstorming on how they could bring NFL footwear to the market. After months of hard work and intense negotiation, they launched their first collection in August, 2011.  Cuce’ Shoes now offers fashion-forward footwear and apparel for professional sports teams and launched a new line called VARSITY for college teams. I am inspired by their vision, work ethic, passion and dedication to creating designs which embrace both fashion and animal free products. Click on the following link to see more of their designs and I’m proud to present advice from Kathleen Cuce’ lovecuceshoes.com

 My twin sister and I founded our company in 2010 after going to an Indianapolis Colts/New England Patriots match up in Indiana.  We were looking for weather resistant boots to match our game day outfit and when we realized they did not exist, an idea was born.  We met with the NFL licensing department in NYC in November of 2010 and launched our very first collection in the Fall of 2011.  

We were not designers and did not have any background in footwear or manufacturing.  To say the first year was the hardest year of our lives would be considered an understatement. We had to learn and teach ourselves everything.  We made a lot of mistakes, many of which were very costly, but somehow, with hard work, perseverance and the grace of God, we are going into our 6th season with the Leagues.  

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” This is a valuable quote…for many effects in life.

As business owners, we wish we could say that with time and knowledge things get easier.  Unfortunately, they do not.  Hard work doesn’t guarantee success either, but without it, you don’t stand a chance. There are no secrets to success; success is the result of hard work, learning from failure, and never giving up.  Work hard, play hard, and have compassion in all that you do!

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