The Key to Happiness is Serving Others…by world renown photographer, Aaron Chang

Green Waimea









My next contributor is considered the creator of modern surf and ocean photography. He has appeared on numerous TV shows, was named one of the top five sports photographers by American Photographer magazine, and was a senior photographer for Surfing magazine for over 25 years.  He has traveled to over 50 countries and his work has been published all over the world in hundreds of books and magazines.

In addition, to being incredibly talented, he is also smart, because he married  one of my dearest friends, Erika Fichter, who is the epitome of  true beauty and kindness. Together, they are the heart and soul of the Aaron Chang Gallery, whose mission is to be a leader in the business community by adopting a servant’s heart as a strategy for success.

After you read his advice, please click on the photo to watch an inspiring two minute video which talks about how being a shy and introverted teenager led him to discover his voice through photography, and the accident that changed his life.  Take a moment to scroll down the gallery page to experience his visually stunning photographs that showcase our world as a works of art.

It is my true honor and privilege to share this advice from world renown photographer, Aaron Chang.

The key to happiness is serving others.   This profound bit of advice has been consistently at the center of our business philosophy and has become a core tenet to our business culture.  It is the heart of our extended philanthropic efforts.  It serves as the center of our employee training.  It has never failed us.

By having a servant’s heart and always looking for opportunities to exercise giving, more doors have opened to us than we could have ever expected, especially when compared to conventional wisdom in relation to building a business using traditional marketing and advertising strategies.  Serving others has provided tremendous rewards of good will and community support and created a true sense of joy in the work we do.

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