The word “CAN’T”–remove it from your vocabulary by Ret. Captain Jack Bowers

We all have someone in our lives who took a chance on us, believed in us, or helped us get the start we needed.  Today’s contributor is that person for my husband and I.  He believed in us and set in motion a chain of events that brought us to where we are today.  I think about him often, and hope that, I too, can be that person for someone.  This entry brings tears to my eyes because I can’t believe how fortunate we were to have been the recipients of his wisdom and counsel while he was the Commanding Officer of the European Dental Command.  Thank-you, Captain Jack Bowers, for believing in us.  We promise to earn it.retirement-photo-2-1

The word “can’t” – remove it from your vocabulary.  Once the word “can’t” is verbalized, the result will be that you won’t do something, because you have set your own barrier, your own limit.  You no longer have the choice in doing something greater than what you think you might achieve.  Do not set your own limits by saying, “I can’t”, no matter how hard the challenge may seem.  Any goal can be reached, little by little, by planning the tiny little steps needed to find your way, ultimately at your goal.  Even if someone else happens to say, “You can’t do that.”, do not listen to their negativity, look for a way around obstacles, and fight to reach whatever goal you set for yourself.
Think back 100 years and imagine what your great grandparents would have said about the marvels we live with today – all possible because the word “can’t” was not allowed to stop someone from their goals and their dreams.  Now, think about 100 years from today in the future may be.  Somewhere in that dream, there is someone who will say, “I can.”  Will that someone be you?  But, equally important, is that the life you are leading now is given only once, take time to enjoy the voyage as you make your way forward to your goal and dream.  Find someone to love with all your heart.  Live life to its fullest and never ever say, “I can’t.”
Advice from Retired Captain Jack Bowers, Commanding Officer of the European Dental Command, devoted husband to Cindy, loving father, compassionate and dedicated leader, and wonderful friend to many.


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