The Toes You Step On One Day Are Connected to the Rear End You May Have to Kiss the Next by Mary-Jeanne’ Davidson


One Question

My name is Mary-Jeanne’ Davidson and I am a wife, mother of three, business person and author of this blog.  I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from my family and friends for this project.  If you have any thoughts, feedback or ideas, I absolutely want to hear from you.  I am a big believer in paying things forward, so if any advice in the posts speaks to you, please share.

I first heard this piece of advice when I was in my 20’s working in Seattle.  I remember chuckling when it was told to me, but I was completely oblivious to its deep significance or how often I would end up employing it throughout my life. I can recall numerous occasions when  I have  wanted to tell someone exactly what I thought when they have upset me. However, this advice causes me to pause and taste the words in my mouth before I speak them.  And, inevitably, the caution has been well heeded because I have needed that same person’s help at some point in time and I can ask for it freely because I held my tongue.

I am grateful for this advice because it keeps me in check, helps measure my temper, and reminds me that I would rather be kind in the long run, than have that momentary feeling of victory that I filleted someone like a fish with my words.

8 thoughts on “The Toes You Step On One Day Are Connected to the Rear End You May Have to Kiss the Next by Mary-Jeanne’ Davidson

  1. Totally love this Mary-Jeanne’!!! That is a nugget of sage advise for sure, and one we can probably all use a reminder of sometimes. I remember my parents always telling me when I was a kid, just to “always do the right thing, even if its hard”. I’m by no means claiming that I have always the right decisions, but I have always tried to make them for the right reasons. Really, all we can do is try the very best we can, and learn from the mistakes we make. Love that you are writing this blog, and look forward to reading it! You are awesome! ❤


    1. That is some important advice to pass on because often making the right choice is very, very hard. And you’re right–as long as we are giving our best, the outcome will be what it is meant to be. Thank-you so much for your contribution-I really appreciate it.


  2. I have rarely regretted not speaking my mind when someone has angered me. Too often it is simply a misunderstanding or possibly my state of mind is not in a good place because of other external circumstances. I often wonder if someone is being ugly or hurtful because something tragic has happened in their world.
    Thank you for sharing this because it will remind me to simply pause.


  3. Love this! I have so many things but not enough time to say them all today so I will leave you with ” Never judge a book by it’s cover” The older I get the more true this becomes. XO


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