That Moment When You Realize…by Mary-Jeanne’ Davidson

img_5698-2When I was growing up, I wanted to be Oprah or Barbara Walters and the truth of the matter is—I still do. However, I have come to that hard realization that a network is not going to come sweep me off my couch and into my own show, so I have decided to take matters into my own hands. As part of an example to my children and more importantly to myself, I have decided to carpe my own diem and bring my dream to life—just in a little different fashion. I realized that I don’t need to interview the rich or famous to be inspired, because I am surrounded by amazing people in my own life. For the next year,  I am going to ask 52 people the same question and each week, we’ll find out how someone answered it. The contributors are people I have met at different points in my life and represent the business world, the arts, working women, stay at home moms, young people, elder statesmen, and some of my closest advisers. Their different backgrounds and points of view I think will make for some very interesting reads.

 So let’s pop the champagne and get this party started!

4 thoughts on “That Moment When You Realize…by Mary-Jeanne’ Davidson

  1. “Life is too short!–Try to live your life to the fullest!!” With recent losses in my life, hearing their many adventures, challenges, successes, failures, and journeys are inspiring me that I need to do something in my life. Starting now!

    I am SO excited for you, Mary-Jeanne’ and looking forward to reading your blog! You have such a talent and your writings will make an impact! Good luck with the blog, girl!!!! Wine soon???


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